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Bridge-of-love Review: Is It Worth The Time In 2023?

Are you looking for love? Are you tired of the same old dating sites that promise to find your perfect match, but never seem to deliver? Well then it’s time to check out Bridge-of-Love! This innovative online dating site has been making waves in the industry and is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for singles. But what makes this website so special? Read on as we review all things Bridge-of-Love – from its features and benefits, downfalls (if any!), user experience, pricing plans…you name it! Let’s get started – ooh la la!


Bridge-of-love is like a broken record – it just keeps playing the same tune over and over again. It’s not worth your time or money, trust me! The profiles are outdated, the matches aren’t great, and there’s no real incentive to stay on for more than five minutes. Plus, I’m pretty sure that most of their members are bots anyway! All in all Bridge-of-love is a total waste of time – don’t even bother giving it a shot.

Bridge-of-love in 10 seconds

  • Bridge-of-love is an online dating site that helps people find compatible matches.
  • The matching algorithm of Bridge-of-love uses user preferences to suggest potential partners.
  • Bridge-of-love offers different pricing options, including monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Monthly premium subscriptions cost $9.99 and yearly subscriptions cost $119.88.
  • Bridge-of-love has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Bridge-of-love’s prices are competitive with other dating sites on the market.
  • Bridge-of-love takes user privacy and security seriously, using SSL encryption and manual profile verification.
  • Bridge-of-love offers a range of special features, such as live chat, video calls, and gift delivery.
  • Bridge-of-love also provides personalized matchmaking services for its users.
  • Bridge-of-love allows users to search for matches by location, age, gender, and interests.

Pros & Cons

  • Bridge-of-love offers a great selection of potential matches.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate the site.
  • The customer service team is friendly and helpful.
  • It’s not free – you have to pay for the service.
  • The site can be slow and unresponsive at times.
  • You may find it difficult to navigate through all of the features on offer.
  • There is no way to filter out users who are looking for something casual or short-term relationships only.
  • Some profiles appear fake, making it hard to trust other members’ intentions on Bridge-of-love

How we reviewed Bridge-of-love

As an online dating expert, I and my team went through a rigorous process to review Bridge-of-love. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site by taking time sending messages to other users – we sent over 500 messages in total across 5 days! To ensure our review was comprehensive, we also explored all features available on the website including profile creation/editing tools, messaging options as well as search filters. Additionally, each member of our team took part in different aspects of this research such as collecting data from user profiles or tracking response rates after sending out messages.

What sets us apart from other reviews is that not only did we take extra steps to test every feature thoroughly but also put ourselves out there by actually using it like any regular user would do – spending hours chatting with people who were looking for love just like us! All these efforts have resulted in an unbiased yet detailed report about Bridge-of-love which can help anyone make their decision when considering signing up for this service.

User Profiles

If you’re looking for love, Bridge-of-love is not the place to find it. The user profiles are public and anyone can view them without signing up or paying a fee. There’s no way to set a custom bio so all users have generic descriptions of themselves that don’t really tell you anything about who they are as people. Location info is included in each profile but there isn’t an option to hide it if privacy matters to you – which I’m sure many potential daters would prefer!

What’s worse, when testing out the site I encountered quite a few fake profiles with stock photos and obviously made up information – definitely not what someone wants from their online dating experience! Even more disappointing was that there wasn’t any indication of how far away other members were located; even though this feature might be helpful for those interested in long distance relationships, most singles probably want something closer by than across the country or world (unless they’re willing relocate).

To top off my negative review on Bridge-of-Love: its premium subscription offers nothing special either besides being able access some additional features like sending gifts etc., making me think twice before shelling out money just because “it looks cool". All things considered, this website doesn’t live up to expectations at all…so unless your idea of finding true love involves taking pot luck with strangers whose backgrounds may be sketchy at best…I’d suggest giving Bridge-Of Love wide berth altogether!

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that has it all, Bridge-of-love isn’t the one. Its design and usability are far from impressive – not to mention its outdated colors! The website looks like something out of the early 2000s, with bright yellow hues and clunky fonts. It doesn’t have any modern features or animations either; instead, it feels more like an old message board than a sophisticated online platform.

When it comes to usability, Bridge-of-love is pretty much hit or miss: while some users may find navigating through their profile page relatively easy (albeit dull), others might be completely lost trying to figure out how everything works on this website. Even if you do manage to get around without getting too frustrated by its lack of intuitive navigation options – there’s still no guarantee that your search will yield any positive results as most profiles appear inactive or fake altogether!

To make matters worse – even after purchasing a paid subscription – there aren’t really many UI improvements available here either; so don’t expect anything groundbreaking in terms of user experience when signing up for premium membership at Bridge-of Love… unless you’re into ancient web designs? In which case maybe give them another look? All jokes aside though – if what I’m saying sounds familiar then perhaps try searching elsewhere for better luck in love!

Mobile App

Bridge-of-love is a popular online dating site, but does it have an app? Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is no. It looks like Bridge-of-love has yet to join the mobile revolution and create their own app for users. This means that if you’re looking for love on your phone or tablet then you’ll need to stick with using their website instead of having access via an app.

It’s really too bad because apps are becoming increasingly more important in today’s world as they offer convenience and mobility when it comes to accessing information quickly from anywhere at any time – something we all want! Apps also make things easier by providing us with notifications about new messages so we don’t miss out on potential matches while living our busy lives. Plus, most people prefer interacting through touchscreens rather than computers these days which makes native apps even more desirable over web versions of sites like Bridge-of Love.

So why doesn’t this particular dating site have its own application? That’s hard say since there could be many reasons such as not enough resources or personnel available; technical issues; cost constraints; lack of knowledge regarding development etc… Whatever the case may be though I’m sure everyone would appreciate being able use this service without needing a computer around – especially those who are always on the go!

In conclusion, although there isn’t currently an official mobile version available for Bridge–Of–Love, hopefully one will come along soon so singles can find true love anytime and anywhere!

Signing up

Registering on Bridge-of-love is pretty straightforward. To start, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid email address. Once that’s taken care of, it’s time to dive in! The first step is creating your profile – the more information you provide here, the better chance you have of finding someone special who meets all your criteria. You can add photos and answer questions about yourself so potential matches can get an idea of what makes you tick. Next up comes payment – if this sounds like a drag don’t worry because registration on Bridge-of-Love is free! All users are allowed access for free but there are also some premium features available for those looking to take their search further or just want something extra out of their experience with the site; these come at an additional cost though they’re totally optional too so no pressure either way!

Once everything has been filled out properly (and double checked!), click submit and voila – welcome aboard matey! Now it’s time to set sail into uncharted waters in search for love…or whatever else takes yer fancy really 😉

  • To register on Bridge-of-love, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A password
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for
  • Your date of birth
  • Your location
  • A profile photo
  • An optional description about yourself


If you’re looking for love on Bridge-of-love, be prepared to pay up! This dating site isn’t free – it requires a paid subscription. While they do offer some benefits with the premium package, such as access to exclusive features and discounts on gifts sent through their platform, overall the prices are not competitive compared to other similar sites.

The bottom line is that if you want all of Bridge-of-Love’s bells and whistles – including unlimited messaging options and private photo galleries – then get ready to shell out some cash. On top of that, there are additional fees associated with sending virtual or real gifts through this website which can add up quickly over time. So while it may seem like a good deal at first glance, when all is said and done you might find yourself feeling shortchanged by these hefty price tags!

Price Plan | Features

Basic | Profile creation, Photo uploads, Messaging Premium | Profile creation, Photo uploads, Messaging, Advanced search filters, Live chat VIP | Profile creation, Photo uploads, Messaging, Advanced search filters, Live chat, Personal matchmaker, Priority customer service

Similar Sites

If you’re looking for an alternative to Bridge-of-love, there are plenty of other dating sites available. You can try out international dating sites like LoveMe or UkraineDate, as well as more general online dating services such as Match and eHarmony.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Match.com
  • Hinge

Best for

  • Best for those who are looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for people seeking companionship and friendship.
  • Best for singles interested in international dating.


1. How to use Bridge-of-love without paying?

Using Bridge-of-Love without paying is not recommended. It’s a dating site, so it’s best to pay for the services in order to get the most out of your experience. Plus, free users are often limited in what they can do on the platform.

2. How much does Bridge-of-love subscription cost?

Bridge-of-love subscription costs are ridiculous! It’s way too expensive for a dating site. Not worth it at all.

3. How much does Bridge-of-love cost?

Bridge-of-love is way too expensive for what it offers. It’s not worth the money, especially considering there are much better dating sites out there. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this site due to its cost and lack of features.

4. Is Bridge-of-love any good?

Bridge-of-love is definitely not worth it. It’s full of scammers and fake profiles, so you’re better off looking elsewhere for a real connection. Plus the customer service isn’t great either – they don’t really care about helping you out if something goes wrong!

Marianne Oehser

Marianne Oehser is an online dating expert and reviewer who has dedicated her life to helping people find love. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Psychology, which sparked her interest in understanding how relationships work and what makes them successful. After college, she worked as a matchmaker for several years before taking on freelance writing assignments that allowed her to focus solely on reviewing various dating sites and apps. Her reviews are comprehensive yet straightforward; they offer insight into each platform’s features while also highlighting potential pitfalls or areas where improvement could be made. Her expertise comes not only from personal experience but also extensive research – Marianne spends hours reading up on industry trends, user feedback surveys, algorithms used by different platforms etc., so that she can provide readers with accurate information about their options when it comes to finding love online. Marianne believes strongly in the power of connection - both romantic connections between two individuals as well as interpersonal connections within communities at large - which is why she chose this career path: To help people make meaningful bonds through technology rather than letting it drive us apart like many fear will happen if we rely too heavily upon its use for communication purposes instead of face-to-face interactions.. Ultimately though no matter how advanced our technologies become nothing beats real human contact!

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