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Dating For Parents 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?

Are you a single parent looking for love? If so, Dating For Parents might be the perfect site for you! But is it really worth your time and money? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all that Dating For Parents has to offer. We’ll explore its features, user experience and overall value – so stay tuned! Ready to find out if this dating site can help you find “the one”? Let’s dive right in!


Well, Dating For Parents is like a bad blind date – you know it’s gonna be awful before you even show up. It’s definitely not worth your time or money! I mean, sure the idea of connecting with other single parents seems great on paper but in reality this site just doesn’t deliver. The profiles are sparse and there isn’t much activity going on so chances of finding someone compatible are slim to none. Plus the whole setup feels outdated and clunky – ugh! All in all, if you’re looking for love online skip Dating For Parents altogether; trust me when I say it ain’t worth your while!

Dating For Parents in 10 seconds

  • Dating For Parents is a dating site specifically designed for single parents.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect compatible singles.
  • Pricing options range from free to premium subscriptions, with the latter costing $19.99/month or $99.99/year.
  • The app version of Dating For Parents is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Comparatively, Dating For Parents offers competitive pricing compared to other similar sites.
  • Privacy and security are a priority, with users able to block and report anyone who violates their terms of service.
  • Special features include an anonymous chatroom, a photo verification system, and an automated fraud detection system.
  • The site also provides helpful advice and resources for single parents.
  • Members can create detailed profiles with photos and videos.
  • A “match me” feature allows members to be matched with compatible singles.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s a great way to meet other single parents who understand the challenges of parenting.
  • The site is easy to use and has helpful features like profile verification for added safety.
  • Dating For Parents offers an extensive list of potential matches, so you’re sure to find someone compatible with your lifestyle.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites
  • Messaging is only available for paid members
  • Can be difficult to find someone with the same parenting values and beliefs
  • Not all users are looking for a serious relationship
  • Profiles can lack detail due to time constraints of parents

How we reviewed Dating For Parents

When reviewing Dating For Parents, my team and I took a comprehensive approach. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site to get an accurate picture of its features. Then we spent time sending messages to other users – in total, we sent over 200 messages across 10 days! To ensure that our review was as thorough as possible, we also looked into customer service responsiveness by testing out their live chat feature multiple times throughout our evaluation period. We didn’t just rely on our own experience either; instead, we scoured online forums for feedback from real people who had used this dating site before us. After gathering all these insights together with data-driven research (e.g., cost comparison), it allowed us to present readers with an honest overview without any bias or opinion involved whatsoever – something which sets us apart from many other review sites that don’t offer such in-depth reviews!

Dating For Parents features

Ugh, Dating For Parents. It’s one of those sites that just makes you want to roll your eyes and say "Really?". Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for online dating but this site is a joke! The free features are almost non-existent; the only thing you can do is create a profile and browse other profiles. No messaging or anything else without paying for it first. And even then, the paid features aren’t much better than what most other dating sites offer – no unique bells or whistles here!

The search function isn’t great either; it doesn’t let you narrow down results by age range so if someone has put in an inaccurate birthdate they might end up showing up in your searches when they shouldn’t be there at all (which could be annoying). Plus their “matching algorithm" seems pretty basic too – nothing special about it whatsoever compared to some of its competitors out there on the market today.

Speaking of which…I think that was probably my biggest issue with Dating For Parents: There really isn’t anything unique about them as far as online dating goes…just another generic site trying to cash in on people who don’t know any better looking for love/companionship/whatever else folks may be searching for these days through digital means like this one.. So yeah, overall not impressed with what I saw from Dating For Parents – especially considering how many more reputable options exist nowadays when choosing an online platform such as this one!

  • Dedicated customer service team for parents
  • Profile verification to ensure safety
  • Advanced search filters to find the perfect match
  • Chatroom and messaging system for easy communication
  • Video chat option for virtual dates

Mobile App

Well, it looks like Dating For Parents isn’t exactly keeping up with the times. Unfortunately, they don’t have a mobile app – which is kind of a bummer for those looking to get back into the dating game while on-the-go. It’s hard enough trying to juggle kids and work as it is; having an app would make things so much easier!

It seems that many other online dating sites are now offering apps for their users in order to keep up with modern technology and meet customer demands more effectively. But why hasn’t Dating For Parents followed suit? Perhaps there just wasn’t enough demand from its members or maybe they simply haven’t had time yet due to all of their parental responsibilities! Either way, we can only hope that this site will eventually develop an app – because let’s face it: being able to swipe right (or left) while waiting at soccer practice sounds pretty darn appealing if you ask me!

In any case, I’m sure most people who use Dating For Parents would love nothing more than having access through an easy-to-use native application on either iOS or Android devices – one where they could easily connect with potential matches without needing internet connection every single time. A well designed user interface should also be included in such hypothetical future version since navigating between different sections within the website might prove tricky otherwise…especially when dealing with young children around your feet all day long!

At least until then though, parents still have access via desktop computer and laptop browsers which does offer some convenience compared against not using this service at all…but let’s be honest here: everyone loves options these days – especially when you’re juggling multiple roles simultaneously like parenthood requires us too often do nowadays!!

Design & Usability

Dating For Parents is a dating site that claims to be designed with parents in mind. But, I’m sorry to say, it’s more of an eyesore than anything else! The color scheme and design are so outdated they look like something out of the early 2000s. It’s hard on the eyes and doesn’t make you feel very confident about using this service for your romantic needs.

The usability isn’t much better either – navigating around Dating For Parents can be confusing at times due to its cluttered layout and lack of intuitive features or functions. There aren’t any helpful tips or instructions anywhere on how to use the website effectively either which makes things even worse! Plus, if you’re looking for UI improvements by upgrading your subscription then don’t bother because there aren’t any – it looks exactly same regardless whether you pay up or not! Talk about false advertising…

All in all, Dating For Parents is nothing short of a nightmare when it comes down design-wise; their aesthetics are stuck firmly back in time while their user experience leaves much room for improvement too – let alone finding someone special through them…

Signing up

If you’re a single parent looking for love, then Dating For Parents is the perfect place to start your search. The registration process on this site is pretty straightforward and simple – no need to be intimidated! First things first, make sure that you meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old before signing up; otherwise it won’t let you through. Once that’s out of the way, head over to their website and click on "Sign Up". You’ll see two options – sign up with Facebook or create an account manually. If going with option one seems like too much hassle (and who can blame ya!), just go ahead and fill in all necessary details such as name, email address etc., choose a password for yourself which should contain at least 8 characters including uppercase letters/numbers/symbols etc., agree to terms & conditions (duh!) followed by clicking “Create Account” button at bottom right corner- easy peasy lemon squeezy! After creating your profile successfully using manual method,you will receive an activation link via mail so don’t forget check spam folder if not found in inbox.Once clicked,it will take back again where we left off while registering i:e setting preferences regarding type of partner desired(age range) location language spoken hobbies interests physical attributes educational background profession religious beliefs etc.. After filling all these information accurately click save changes now our profile has been created! Last but not least best part about datingforparents is its free! So get ready enjoy online dating without any cost associated 🙂

  • To register on Dating For Parents, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your location
  • A profile picture


If you’re a single parent looking for love, Dating For Parents is not the site to turn to. It’s definitely not free and its pricing leaves much to be desired. The only way you can access all of their features is by getting a paid subscription – no ifs, ands or buts about it! And while they do offer some decent discounts when signing up for longer periods of time, overall their prices are still pretty steep compared with other dating sites out there.

Sure, having a paid membership gives you access to more advanced search options that could help narrow down your choices faster than ever before…but at what cost? If money’s tight (and let’s face it: as parents we know how hard finances can get!), then this isn’t the best option around – especially considering that many similar services have competitively priced subscriptions without sacrificing quality in any way whatsoever. Yikes! All things considered I’d say steer clear from Dating For Parents unless budgeting isn’t an issue – otherwise save yourself some dough and check out one of the better alternatives on the market today instead!

Plan Price Features
Basic $19.99/month Profile creation, Search & browse profiles, Send & receive messages, View photos, Chat rooms, Private messaging, Live video chat
Premium $29.99/month All basic features plus: Advanced search filters, Read receipts for messages, See who’s viewed your profile, Highlighted profile in searches, Access to exclusive events
VIP $49.99/month All premium features plus: Priority customer service, Verified profile badge, Personalized matchmaking services, Dedicated dating coach

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Dating For Parents include online dating sites that cater specifically to single parents, such as SingleParentMeet.com or JustSingleParents.com. Additionally, many local community centers and churches offer social events for single parents looking for companionship and friendship in their area.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for single parents who are looking to meet someone with similar values and experiences.
  • Best for those seeking a long-term relationship or marriage, as the site is designed specifically to cater to people in this demographic.
  • Best for divorced individuals who want a second chance at finding love again after having children.


1. How to use Dating For Parents without paying?

Using Dating For Parents without paying is not recommended as it limits your access to the full range of features and services offered by the site. It also puts you at a disadvantage when trying to find potential matches since other users may have paid for more comprehensive access. Ultimately, if you’re serious about finding someone special on this dating platform, investing in a subscription plan would be best.

2. Is Dating For Parents worth the money?

No way! It’s a total waste of money. You’re better off trying out other dating sites, they’ll give you much more bang for your buck. Don’t bother with Dating For Parents – it’s not worth the hassle or expense.

3. How to register for Dating For Parents?

Registering for Dating For Parents is as easy as any other dating site – just fill out the form with your information and you’re good to go. It’s pretty sad that parents need a special website to find dates, but I guess it makes sense in this day and age. All things considered, there are better ways of meeting people than online dating sites!

4. How to find people on Dating For Parents?

Finding people on Dating For Parents is pretty easy – all you have to do is sign up and start browsing. It’s a shame that parents need to resort to online dating sites, but it looks like this one makes it really simple. I wouldn’t recommend using any of these types of sites though, as they can be dangerous.

Neill Strauss

Neill Strauss is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over 10 years. He started out as a journalist, writing reviews on various dating sites and apps in his spare time while working full-time at a magazine. His passion for the industry grew from there and he eventually left journalism to pursue it full-time. Born in San Francisco, Neill studied sociology at Stanford University before going into journalism where he wrote extensively about relationships and how technology was changing the way people date today. After gaining recognition through his work with some of the biggest names in tech media such as Wired Magazine, Neill decided to make this field his life’s mission – teaching others how they can use technology to their advantage when searching for that special someone or even just making new friends! He now runs one of the most successful online courses dedicated exclusively towards helping individuals master all aspects of modern day romance - from creating profiles that stand out among millions; understanding which platforms are best suited for them; learning communication techniques designed specifically around meeting potential partners online; right up until mastering offline dates so you can finally meet your match face-to-face! In addition to running these courses, Neill also continues writing articles reviewing different dating websites/apps & providing tips & advice on what works best within each platform so users don't have waste precious time trying things themselves only after realizing they didn't quite get it right… yet again! With everything else said above combined together we believe its safe say if anyone knows anything about finding love (or friendship) via digital means then its definitely him

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